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Technology and a Trump Presidency

What impact will a Donald Trump presidency have on technology?

Join the Web Content Mavens for a panel discussion on what we know, what we don’t know and the possible impacts of a Trump administration on the technology industry broadly and on DC Tech in particular.

Our panelists will be asked to discuss a mix of these items: 
– what we do know about Trumps approach to tech policy
– what we don’t know and how we find out more 
– projects that might be relevant to technology (like infrastructure) 
– changes that might directly affect DC Tech (i.e. are there areas of growth or contraction)

NOTE: This is not a political event. This is discussion about the practicalities of the incoming administration. Please come prepared to listen and participate respectfully.



Adam Zuckerman



Colin Delany

Founder and Editor,

Krystal Atha

Co-founder, CommunityRED

Lauren Jacobson

Education Coordinator, General Assembly and Director, Women Who Code DC

Rob Pegoraro

Freelance Technology Journalist