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Work The Room: Networking in the Wild

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Networking isn’t just for jobs. It’s for helping you with sales, funding, ideas and support. It’s for the long-term relationships that remind someone of you when they have a position or allow you to reach out when you need an introduction. It’s about building professional connections that create value for you and for them. And sometimes it’s about building friendships.

And if you aren’t networking or aren’t doing it effectively…this class is for you.

You should join us…

– If you’ve ever felt awkward at a conference or a party, wondered how to break into a conversation pod, pretended to be busy on your phone to hide your shyness or otherwise wondered how to network in person

– If you’re comfortable with people but never seem to close any deals or develop relationships out of events

– If you are considering a career change and need a refresher

**PLUS: we have a practice session over food & drinks! **

How it works

We start with class, have a practice break with drinks & food, unpack the experience in the 2nd session and then hang out after to further sharpen skills.

What we’ll cover

Gearing up: finding good networking opportunities, creating an introduction and networking pitch, pre-event planning.

Mechanics: how to enter & exit conversations, where to stand for maximum value, 

Handling Challenges: how to deal with challenging people, dealing with shyness and other quirks

Effective follow up and how to maximize your networking reach: email followup, twitter and other social media rules, ideas for staying visible without being annoying

After the workshop there will be optional practice networking so you can put what you’ve learned to the test!


Jasmine Sante, Founder, Sante Strategies & Web Content Mavens